Friday, June 27, 2008


Yesterday was hangout day with friends. We decided to try out Flapjacks at Greenbelt 2 since we've been hearing raving reviews about it in the past month. The ambiance was warm and cozy. Now ordertime. I lalalove cream cheese so I decided to get the cream cheese-stuffed french toast with cherries. I was told that this was one of their bestsellers. After the first bite, I wanted to throw it out. I couldn't taste a hint of cream cheese. It actually tasted like curdled milk. You know, like the "panis" milk? I was thinking it might be cottage cheese, but definitely nooo.. Even cottage cheese tasted better. I was so dismayed, I vowed never to eat there ever again. My friend ordered a chicken platter something with potatoes and eggs on the side. Again, we were told that this was another bestseller. She didn't like it either. Plain and ordinary daw. I guess this place was overrated.
So, grumpy us, not satisfied with our lunch, decided to go home. Nearing the Trinoma area, we decided to try out naman Sebastians ice cream parlor at the Block. Again, heard great reviews about the place, but after our disastrous lunch, we were having doubts. Well, what the heck, it was only ice cream. I ordered a scoop of Anonymous choco ? and another scoop of I love New York. Now, truthfully, it hit the spot. Will definitely be coming back for more.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bright Minds Pay Up!

Good movie. Nice plot. Smart twist near the end. Worth watching. This post may be a little late since the movie came out a few weeks ago, but I just watched it a few hours ago after I downloaded it... ahem, illegal??

I wondered why all of a sudden the passion to become a doctor? He was near graduating in one of the most prestigious universities in the US (ahem... my cousin goes there), so I might as well figured he would go into software designing or make an invention in the computer world. Well, I think the writers still assumed that becoming a doctor would still be the best profession, which is not,not,not! But how would I know anyway? I never practiced there, haha!!

Anyway, this was the reason in which the concept of the whole film revolved around. Gee, I wish I had his brain! That way, I wouldn't be stuck here! :D

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Friday, June 6, 2008

Interesting Celebrity Blogsites

Whew! Another day of blog hopping! Celebrities are all over the net and here are some interesting blogsites of some intersting personalities ;)

Check out this site:

I contributed to this blog by updating it with Gaby dela Merced's (my faaaave celebrity) multiply site! Yipee :p

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Blog hopping

What I do now is blog hop. I look for blogs that catch my interest, these usually being personal celebrity (not gossip!), travel or doctor's blogs, as I am home most of the time. I love reading personal celebrities blogs since you get to know them not as the celebrity you see on TV but rather who they're not on TV. It's nice to know that they're just as ordinary as you an I. They just have a pretty/handsome face :) And who doesn't read travel blogs? Well, maybe people my age do. Teenagers, I guess not :) It's great to get tips before visiting a certain place. Since I am a doctor myself, I make it a habit to know what's "in" with my collegues be it professional or personal :)